Altai Republic

It took a while until we realised that we had reached bayan-ölgii, the far west of Mongolia, and by the way, a Kazakh town inside mongolia. a few mosques around and people with these stylish Kazakh hats wich I already knew from my previous trip. we found ourselves an amazing guesthouse and got finally in … Read more

the far west

During our 3 rest days in khovd, the weather gods felt like drowning the whole city with hail and rain. The result was a totally flooded road so we were kind of floating out of town. Our Chinese friends were about to build a new road wich saved us from pushing our bikes through deep … Read more


Knowing that there where 440 kilometres of desert ahead of us, I was already a bit nervous about it. It was a stretch of the Altai-Gobi that we had to go through, known for endless sand and dry mountain ranges in the horizon. With only a few villages on the way, it meant quite a … Read more