the far west

During our 3 rest days in khovd, the weather gods felt like drowning the whole city with hail and rain. The result was a totally flooded road so we were kind of floating out of town. Our Chinese friends were about to build a new road wich saved us from pushing our bikes through deep … Read more


Knowing that there where 440 kilometres of desert ahead of us, I was already a bit nervous about it. It was a stretch of the Altai-Gobi that we had to go through, known for endless sand and dry mountain ranges in the horizon. With only a few villages on the way, it meant quite a … Read more

Along the southern route…

As we get further along the southern route, we get deeper into the gobi desert, meaning we’re facing increased distances between villages. The scenery gets wider and the environment dryer. The wind became our most powerful enemy and there is hardly any day where he gives us a rest. It is so hard! My imagination … Read more


Сайн байна уу!! Our last days in China turned out to be fantastic. We rode on good roads with few cars only, and enjoyed spectacular gobi scenery. You may find it boring but for me this big piece of nothingness is more than just nothingness. It marks a transission to something else, something new! Culture … Read more