Since I travelled Central Asia 2016 , and met all those people who crossed iran by bike, this country had extremely risen on my list of places I wanted to visit.
Arriving to iran did also mean, once again, we made it across Turkmenistan.
When it comes to iran as a travel destination, only few people seem to know that this country is a safe place to go, or let’s say, not significantly more risky than germany. In addition to that, getting a visa is easy and straightforward, so let’s go!

We started cycling in Sarakhs that one morning and instantly noticed the change of landscape. The flat turkmen steppe had turned into a mountainous desert with a surreal touch.
We split the 190 Kilometer to the holy city of mashad into two days and spent already the first night, camping at a mosque, and I wonder if that would have been possible near a christian church in germany?!
As we rolled into the outskirts of mashad and further into the city, we were once again hit by the dirty ignorance of the urban lifestyle: smog, dirt, trash and traffic jams.
There is only little space for cyclists even though it is such a peaceful way of moving forward.
In the city centre I realised that we had reached a new level of chaos. It’s not just, that traffic lights get ignored, they do not even exist. From now on crossing a road meant to just start walking and hoping someone would stop, otherwise you’ll wait forever.
We found a lovely little guesthouse and as the door had closed, we took a deep breath and all the hectic was gone.
We met our french mate ‘quentin’ again and decided to go together.
We had roughly 900 km of iranian desert ahead of us and couldn’t wait to start a new adventure. Having quentin in our little team meant a new wave of positive energy and we were unstoppable.
The following 9 days were scenerywise dominated by a rugged mountainrange to our right and the open desert to the left. The further we got from mashad the less cars we had to share the road with. Day by day we felt again like being in mongolia, the peaceful country of endless horizons and silence.
We spent each night either at a mosque or at an ‘Iranian red crescent’ station, wich is similar to the ‘Red Cross’ in europe.
The hospitality in Iran is outstandingly beautiful and words can’t describe how lovely people can be.
Being together with my mates, cycling in lonesome stretches of the desert, perfectly equipped with snacks’n’water, surrounded by these vastness, that’s my world…
As we got closer to teheran, of course the trafic became a nightmare again, and after we ate a fresh melon, we put our thumbs out and hitchhiked the remaining 70 kilometres into the megacity.
Teheran is by far the most chaotic, loudest, most stressful city I’ve been to. We’ve reached the limit in terms of amounts of urban chaos that I could eventually adapt to. Until here but not further. I have enough. Crossing a six lane road in teheran, just to get to the veggie shop on the other side has quite often already ruined my dinner plans as I mostly just decide to eat something else then and yeah….that’s just ridiculous.
My royal teabrewer, psychotherapist and outfit advisor poul has finished the physically challenging part of his trip here in Teheran and is now on his way to europe with bus and trains.
When I look back at the last six month we, again, spent together there is just this positive and intense feeling of being gratefull that this trip was meant to happen.
Nothing has ever taught me as much about life as travelling.

And regarding iran, it might be the best thing for you to just come here and see it with your eyes. There are problems, like everywhere else. But we may never accept again that media generalises people just according to their country of origin.
We met lovely people who live their peaceful lives and want nothing else but future. People like us.
Think twice when your government, your media spreads lies about people you do not even know. You don’t need to be wise to understand why western media is against Iran. And you do not need to be wise to understand why Iranian media is against the west. Fundamental interests collide. But we’ll not gonna make it much further if we do not finally start to realise that we are all human individuals, brothers and sisters and that war is not an option.

Bare in mind that from the perspective of ‘carl sagan’, our planet is nothing else but a ‘pale blue dot’. And because of that, all our efforts should be focussed on something good, on love.





  1. Thanks Oscar, for your nice and true words to describe Iran and the lovely iranian people!!! I‘m so glad that you liked it as we did!!!! 🙂

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