Take me down to Almaty…

…were the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

And indeed, the girls are pretty. But we still had to ride further 300 km to get there. These few days before we reached beautiful almaty turned out to be fantastic. We rolled on good roads again and Kazakhstan did everything possible to make our last days in the country perfect. Almost perfect. Poul had some issues with his tube. He got one puncture after another and after a while, both he and me got mad at it and realised that it must have had something to do with the quality of the tube. Poul decided to stop it and 100 km before town he had to put his thumb out to get a lift to Almaty. Suddenly I was alone.
In Almaty we met again and found ourselves an amazingly cozy hostel with a lovely garden. We spent 2 days there basically doing nothing except for the little walks to buy food.
At some point we decided that it was time to move somehow and so we started heading towards Bishkek. The road was smooth, the sun hot and the wind on our side. In the evening we found a cozy little park to pitch our tents and spend the night. The next morning we made our way into Bishkek and enjoy the kyrgiz summer.


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