the far west

During our 3 rest days in khovd, the weather gods felt like drowning the whole city with hail and rain. The result was a totally flooded road so we were kind of floating out of town. Our Chinese friends were about to build a new road wich saved us from pushing our bikes through deep sand gravel, so soon we rolled on a perfectly paved new road with no trafic on it as it was technically still closed for cars. Around lunchtime we stopped near a river to enjoy our well deserved breakfast. Later on , the road kept climbing as we had to get to the first of two mountain saddles at 1800mtr above sea level, wich is not really ambitious, but ok. We stocked up on snacks and water again and rolled on towardsour camp, wich turned out to be a yurt in a fantastic valley. It was a Friday night and it seemed to be a big family gathering so we were surrounded by kids, watching us doing our things. Unfortunately the adults around the adults around knew nothing else to do but to get totally drunk and later we heard them arguing outside and fighting etc etc.
We felt very unsafe especially because on of these drunken guys started to find my bike a very interesting item to play with. He asked me to drive it and I said no ‘don’t drink’n’drive mate’!, wich he didn’t like so much and gave me a finger. In the end I was awake half of the night because of this drunken family. I must have slept 2-3 hrs or something and felt like runned over by a truck.
But we still had to climb the second saddle and continued cycling on an unpaved road. It seemed to us we crossed countless saddles, because as soon as we reached the point that we thought was the peak from the distance, it turned out to be just another small peak but the bigger one was again far ahead of us. Around lunchtime our friend the wind was again picking up, as usual, and made it a big fight for us. Somehow we managed to get to the real saddle at 2500 mtrs. But even the downhill part of it was still a rocky piece of shitroad so we hardly hit the 10km/hour mark. Around 4 pm we finally arrived to tolbo wich was a little oasis for us. Soon we saw 2 halfmoon on top of two little towers and instantly we realised we didn’t just crossed that big mountain range, we also arrived to the first kazakh village in the far west of Mongolia wich was fantastic. We spent the night on the backyard of a local family.
The day after we had a fantastic time riding the remaining 70km to Bayan-ölgii wich was our dream destination for so long. We stopped a few times outside town just to remind us again and again to be thankful for the moment and to appreciate this rich experience Mongolia has brought to us so far.


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  1. Echt spannend das alles zu lesen und teils mitzuerleben Ossi!
    Und immer die Form wahren! 😀

    Grüße aus hier von Olli 🙂

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