On monday morning we went straight to the embassy of Turkmenistan, to see if we got the Visa. Poul got it straightaway. I did’nt. They asked me to come again on friday, wich meant i had a full week in a town that was not really so nice, spending lots of money for accommodation, and in general: not knowing whats going on. I mean, i could’nt plan ahead wich really annoyed me. My dream of crossing a continent on my own power was interruptef by a fu****g burocratic bullshit. Sorry guys for the words, but its really nothing else than that,
We spent really lazy days in our hostel. I couldnt think of anything else but what would happen now.
By friday i still didnt get my confirmation so poul decided to head on towards samarkand. The good thing was, my croatian mate branimir arrived to tashkent for the same reason. Together with other cool people we spent the weekend.
On monday i finally got my Visa. For Branimir it was unfortuneately rejected. He re-applied and i cross my Fingers that i gets it now.
To get rid of all the anger i had inside me, i raced from tashkent to samarkand within two days, and took a day off there. The one day in Samarkand turned out to be a really good one. Our australian mates rick and benny were with us again and also we met a lovely little family from germany that we really enjoyed talking with. Its always great to meet interesting and openminded people and to spend time together.

Reunited with poul, we made it to bukhara in another two days. Tough days on busy roads. I dream of mongolia with its empty roads and endless horizons. But eventually the next desert can fullfill these dreams.


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  1. Asaleym Aleykum!
    Cool zum hören dass es endlich geklapt hat mit dem visum! Der hat dir energie bis zum geht nicht mer gekostet. Doch Tachkent-Samarkand in zwei Tagen ist schon fast ein rekord! XD bist du im Autos Windschatten gefahren?!
    Ich bin in Tachkent und habe den visum für Turkmenistan auch schon gekriegt 🙂 Als ich mich mehr über Saudi informierte fand ich raus, dass es sehr unwahrscheinlich ist, dass ich den Visum kriegen werde. Deshalb werde ich vermutlich auch nach Georgien fahren zum woofen 😉 Ich hoff man sieht sich wieder Oscaro!

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